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Room Rentals

Meeting Room Rates

# of Rooms       Half Day             All Day

1 room              $200.00             $400.00

2 rooms            $300.00             $600.00

 4 rooms            $500.00             $1000.00

 6 rooms            $800.00             $1600.00

 7 rooms             $900.00             $1800.00


The Dispute Resolution Center (“DRC”) is open from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Full day rentals begin at 8:30am and end at 5:00pm. Half day rentals run from 8:30am to 12:30pm or 1:00pm to 5:00pm. All parties must vacate the building by the end of their rental times unless arrangements have been made with the Office Manager at least 1 week prior to rental. Any meeting lasting more than 10 minutes past the scheduled end time will incur fees of $50 per ½ hour.

Meeting Room Policies

The following policies are set forth for rental of meeting space at the DRC. By completing the room rental application, all parties agree to follow these policies.

Rental Procedure:

  • Room rentals will be on a first come, first serve basis. DRC mediations and events take priority.

  • The conference rooms are for business related purposes only. No personal events are to be scheduled.

  • All room rental fees must be submitted within 1 week of completing the room rental application.

  • The room rental contract must be executed prior to the start of the meeting room rental.



  • No penalty if written notice is provided one week prior to meeting date. Cancellation less than one week will be assessed a 25% administrative fee. No refunds if cancellation is less than 24 hours from scheduled rental.

  • A full refund, less applicable cancellation fees, will be mailed upon cancellation.


Room Set-up:

  • All rooms are set up with tables and chairs. Should a different set-up be required, this must be communicated to the Office Manager no later than 1 week before the scheduled rental. (Chairs may be set-up along the perimeter of the room to provide additional seating. Tables may be set-up along the perimeter of the room to provide space for food, drinks, meeting materials, etc.)

  • The room(s) must be left in proper order, with all paper, trash, cups, etc. disposed of in a trash receptacle. All chairs and tables should be placed back in their original position.

  • Parties are responsible for any damage to the facility and/or contents and fixtures. All damage must be reported to the Office Manager immediately. Parties will be expected to cover all repairs and replacement cost of any damage to the facility itself and/or the contents of such.



  • Parties may bring in food or place a lunch order with the Office Manager.

  • Lunch order forms and menus will be given to the parties upon arrival at the DRC.

  • Parties are responsible for payment, including delivery fees, of any lunch ordered.

  • The Office Manager will place the order, take the delivery, and sign for any charges. Delivery times are subject to restaurant schedule.

  • A refrigerator is available for the parties’ convenience. Any food remaining at the end of the day will be disposed of appropriately.

  • Drinks and light snacks are provided by the DRC for all room rentals.


Additional Technology Requests:

  • Phone and video conferencing services are available for use. If these services are needed, the Office Manager must be notified no later than 1 week before the scheduled rental.

  • Each rental will include up to 25 pages of copies per room rented. Additional copies can be purchased for $0.05 each.




  • No smoking in or around rental facility. Designated smoking areas exist outside of the building.

Meeting Room Rental Information – Please complete this form to reserve your room.

Meeting Room Rental Waiver– Please review the room rental waiver prior to your rental day.

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